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1)Getting along with others is a key component of a strong community, and an essential skill for life. Please write two paragraphs (150 words) to explain how can we use technology and teamwork to fulfill that requirement?2)Primary Task Response:ITU-T recommendation X.509 is part of the X.500 series of recommendations that define a directory service. The directory is, in effect, a server or distributed set of servers that maintains a database of information about users. The information includes a mapping from user name to network address, as well as other attributes and information about the users. For this discussion, please provide thorough responses to the following:Describe the X.509 certificate and standard.What is the purpose of the X.509 standard?How is an X.509 certificate revoked?Peer Response(s): Read the responses from your peers and offer a constructive critique or additional information that adds substantively to the discussions. Be sure to acknowledge any outside sources you use.Your responses to other students must be more than a simple “Good job” or “I agree with your post.” They must also not just be “Let me add to your post…” Instead, your responses to each other should do three things:1. Acknowledge the other student’s post with some form of recognition about what they posted2. Relate their posting to something you have learned or are familiar with3. Add to the conversation by asking additional questions about their post, or discussing their topic further

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