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Topic: Find three (3) academic journal articles that all discuss (and are interrelated) the following topic areas:Motivating and incentivizing employeesDescription: This is a three-part assignment:Part #1 (40 points) Select three (3) scholarly, peer reviewed, journal articles and complete annotated bibliographies for each one based on one of the topics above. For example, if you want to learn more about employee trainings then you choose 4 articles that all discuss employee trainings as the central focus of the article.A peer reviewed scholarly journal article is found through electronic journal databases, google scholar, or journals in the library. DO NOT USE NEWS ARTICLES, BLOGS, MAGAZINES, OR OTHER MATERIALS that are not peer- reviewed journal articles- if you choose to do so expect a severe penalty.For each article you will write an annotated bibliography. Each of the annotated bibliographies should be properly cited in APA format and contain a paragraph or two (250-300 words per article) that provides a description and evaluation of the article and informs the reader of the article’s relevance and contribution.Be sure that for each annotated you also tie in ideas from your (PM – Llorens, J.J., Klingner, D.E. and Nalbandian, J. (2017). Public Personnel Management: Context and Strategies (7th ed.). Routledge. Ebook ISBN: 9781351984515.) & (BW – Friedman, R. (2014). The best place to work: The art and science of creating an extraordinary workplace.) texts. Tie in both textbooks. PART #2 (20 points)After completing the annotateds for three (3) separate but interrelated articles, in 1-2 paragraphs, do the following:1st provide an exegesis, or summary, of how these articles all connect and link together, noting similarities, differences, and original contributions. This means that you will need to find articles that all have something in common that allows you to connect them all. PART #3 (40 Points)Pretend you are a public manager or leader and, in 1-2 pages, discuss the importance of the topic your researched for your organization’s functioning and HRM. Consider ideas like performance, retention, turnover, employee satisfaction/commitment, organizational efficacy, et. This part really requires that you tie in and link important concepts and themes from both of your course texts.

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