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about facebook case, and answer three question, 2-3 sentences for each is enough. not need to be professional.At the end of December 2015, Facebook had an average of 1.04 billion daily active users, 934
million mobile daily active users, more than 70 languages, 125 billion friend connections, and
over 205 billion photos uploaded every day, including 30 billion pieces of content and 2.7 billion
likes (Facebook, 2015). Over the years that has created new pathways for social and cultural
dynamics across the globe. With managing so much data, personal data, comes significant
responsibility. Responsibility you would think would not come unnoticed when managing a
technology company with this volume of user data.

So, how did Facebook and specifically Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook’s founder and Chief
Executive) get the data privacy issue wrong?

Could Mark have foreseen this type of issue from the onset in creating Facebook?

What approaches should Facebook take to correct the data management issue?
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