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Visit a library or bookstore (or view online) and pick up a magazine that you WOULD NOT ordinarily read. This may be a magazine you have little interest in, or it may be one that you’ve been curious about but have never read.Your document should be typed in 12 point Times or Times New Roman and double-spaced.Part ILook at all the advertisements that appear in this magazine. Using your powers ofobservation and inductive reasoning, imagine what the readership of this magazine is.Who would be interested in the products and services advertised in the magazine?Consider all elements of a demographic profile including age, gender, ethnicity,household income, household size, education level (top degree earned), personal interestsand any other classification categories that occur to you.Part IISkim through the editorial content of the magazine. What types of stories seem to interestthis magazine’s readers, and what does that tell you about who they are? What do theyworry about? What makes them happy? What do they aspire to or hope for in the future?Part IIIImagine the “world-view” of this magazine’s readers. Does the magazine seem toencourage its readers to try/learn new things? Does it provide them with news orinformation that affects people who are not exactly like them? What seems to be the mainpurpose of the magazine: to provide information to readers or to expose them toadvertising?Present all parts of your demographic profile and “world-view” analysis in an organizedand well written 2–page paper. Include in your paper’s heading the title of the magazine,the month and year of the issue you looked at, and the name and location of thepublisher.You will be evaluated on how well you answer the questions given, on the amount ofcritical thought you demonstrate in your analysis, and on the quality of your writing(including grammar and spelling).Your document should be typed in 12 point Times or Times New Roman and double-spaced.

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