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PowerPoint presentation needed. Using at least three peer reviewed sources and other web resources highlighted in the course (ASPA, ICMA, etc.), create a presentation showing the key challengesfacing today’s leaders in the public sector. You may use any of the freely available presentation software such as emaze ( or Prezi ( as well as PowerPoint. Include more than one challenge. I am looking for critical thought and reasoning. Do not write about drugs or alcohol. 5 PowerPoint slides (that does not count the cover page or reference pageTips:Use bullet points and supplement this with speaker’s notes or audio rather than writing paragraphs and inserting them onto a slide.Include a title slide or include your title in an appropriate way for the software you choose.Use in-text citations.Include a reference slide or include your reference list in an appropriate way for the software you choose.Make sure you do not exceed the 10 MB limit of uploads for the classroom.Proofread.

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