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Follow the instruction to write 5pages projectThis project is for module 4,which is a continued project of module 2.The topic you write about must be same as the topic written in module 2.I have attached the original draft of module 2 Please go through it very carefully to make sure you are writing the same topic. All the work must be original Turnitin report is required3/1/2020
Module 4: Innovation and the Entrepreneur – WebCOM™ 2.0
The allure of starting a business can
sometimes cloud individualsʼ perception
of what they want to accomplish. An
individual might have an idea of selling a
certain kind of product based on what
their experiences have been up to that
point with a similar product, or they have
an idea of providing a service for a
certain demographic or community, but
when it comes to translating that dream
into reality, it is a different story.
Illustration by Adam Webb
In this sense, individuals might even
think that adding some sort of innovative
aspect to their product or service will
differentiate it among the rest. While this might be the case, there are other
factors that need to be considered. For instance, depending on what kind of
business an individual is desiring to start, there is a certain process that
they will need to follow. This could entail developing a five-year budget,
getting a loan, locating a prime spot, submitting legal documents with the
Module 4: Innovation and the Entrepreneur – WebCOM™ 2.0
state, city, or county in which they live, licensing and permits, building and
construction costs, insuring investments, and a variety of other things.
Another aspect involves marketing and
branding strategies. Technology now
plays a major role in how businesses
promote themselves and their products.
The Internet is a part of our everyday
lives. Practically everyone has a
smartphone and a computer. Everyone is
connected all of the time. We are
constantly communicating with one
another. The development and use of
mobile devices are a key element in this
Illustration by Adam Webb
Partnerships are also important in
starting a business. There are different
kinds of partnerships, too. For instance, some individuals start off on a
business venture together with a shared idea and dream. Other
partnerships might occur along the way functioning in an ancillary capacity.
In an era of such technological advancements, the concept of being an
entrepreneur is appealing to a wide range of individuals that have specific
talents, skills, and markets in which to sell their products and services.
The final aspect when starting a business comes in the form of profitability.
In some instances, various competitive elements can determine the
profitability of a business, product, or service. When starting a business,
some entrepreneurs consider what complementary goods might benefit
them. In this sense, complementary goods can offer more value when used
alongside another product or service. Another factor to consider is the
concept of substitute goods, which is a result that happens when using one
good or service replaces the use of another.
Despite the state of the economy, many third world countries have
populations that are existing in a state of perpetuity. This means that many
Module 4: Innovation and the Entrepreneur – WebCOM™ 2.0
developed countries enjoy an abundance of wealth, food, and services. Due
to various political, social, and cultural interactions and exchanges between
countries such as these, there is a flow of ideas and opportunities. Being
able to recognize these kairotic moments and taking advantage of them can
determine a businessʼs success.
If your group is doing a business
proposal or plan, please consider
reviewing one of these three sample
formats (they are one-page business
proposal/plan formats):
Sample small business plan 1
Sample one page business plan 2
from this resource
Illustration by Adam Webb
Sample one page business plan 3
“ How to Start a Small Business: 6 Steps From Idea to Success ” article on
“ 5 Online Businesses You Can Start With No Money ” article on
If you are looking at focusing on the marketing aspect, then consider using
this resource to get started:
Sample marketing plan
from this resource
Module 4: Innovation and the Entrepreneur – WebCOM™ 2.0
0:00 / 1:57
Sample Student Writing 1
Sample Student Writing 2
If you would like to view more than the two student samples listed
above, please e-mail the instructor to request them.
Starting a business
(Suggested format and required materials):
1. Business plan or proposal—Design and format to be decided by
students (i.e., students can adopt and/or adapt a previously created
design and format for their purposes)
2. Background research—Multiple paragraphs that examine similar
business approaches and models that will benefit the studentsʼ own
business (students can use online articles, websites, videos)
3. Estimated budget for three to five years—Design and format to be
decided by students (i.e., students can adopt and/or adapt a previously
created design and format for their purposes and the numbers and
estimates may be fictional)
Module 4: Innovation and the Entrepreneur – WebCOM™ 2.0
4. Marketing and advertisement strategies and design example
document—Advertising and design strategies can be presented in
multiple paragraphs; the format for the sample advertisement is to be
decided by students (i.e., students can adopt and/or adapt a previously
created advertisement designs and formats for their purposes)
5. Establishing physical and digital locations—Multiple paragraphs that
examine how similar businesses use technology and social media to
promote themselves, services, and products (i.e., students can adopt
and/or adapt previously created methods and approaches businesses
have used in creating an online/web presence for their business,
services, and/or products)
6. Closing statements—Multiple paragraphs that offer your final
7. References/Works Cited
Creative expectations:
Students are expected to interpret the scenarios and offer their best
solutions to them
Students are expected to add their own “flare,” your own “flare” means
your own interpretation of the scenarios as well as your own
descriptive solutions for each one of them
Students are expected to be descriptive (as much as needed) for each
of the scenarios
Expectations for the writing:
Clarity of ideas
Organization of ideas
Module 4: Innovation and the Entrepreneur – WebCOM™ 2.0
Complete sentences
Effective transitions between ideas, sentences, and paragraphs
Consistent font color and size
These criteria define an “A” paper:
Writing is clear and coherent
There is no visible mechanical inconsistencies, such as in spelling or
punctuation in the writing
Writing is organized into multiple paragraphs, sections
Writing follows APA/MLA/other conventions and formats (IF using
Effective and correct use of images and graphs or charts in the writing
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Robert E. Perry III
Mike Sorel
Kyle Stadler
We are the “UBER” of the moving industry. We have taken a ride-sharing
platform and diversified it to accommodate unlimited possibilities. Truckster connects
people to trucks, trucks to people, and people to independent sources of income. Do you
need truck? Do you want to be your own boss? Well Truckster can help you with both of
those needs.
According to, an average of 43 million Americans
move every year. People relocate for a variety of reasons. Buying a new house, for work,
rental lease expires, college, growing family, and the list goes on and on. Not only does
Truckster accommodate the traditional moving scenarios, it has the versatility to provide
services to all sorts of non-traditional moving scenarios. Let’s say you and your boyfriend
break up and he was the only one you knew who had a truck. Avoid the awkward
moments calling his friends and asking them to give you a hand moving out, call
Truckster instead. We can help you pack up, move out and even drive you home.
Truckster is a full service platform. We strive to meet and exceed all of your expectations
in a moving company. However, unlike traditional moving companies, there is no need to
book in advance. No waiting weeks for your belongings to arrive. Simply pull up our
app on any smart device, locate an independently contracted Truckster representative in
your area, and get moving.
First we will need the platform that the entire business will be hosed on. Truckster
will be hosted in the cloud on Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Elastic Block
Storage (EBS). This will keep initial IT setup costs low and allow these costs to scale as
the business grows by subscribing to more virtual machines and additional block storage
as required. The servers will be using the open source software packages Ubuntu, Postgre
SQL/GIS, and Python. A website has already been deployed on Amazon’s EC2 utilizing
Bootstrap’s responsive web toolkit at
Capital will be required to develop native apps for both Android and IOS devices.
It is estimated that these apps will cost a total of $30,000 to develop. The native apps will
be the portal of choice for our users, and drivers due to the mobile nature of our product.
Truckster will consist of a highly polished bug free application platform. This is
absolutely critical for Truckster’s success.
Overview of Truckster’s IT Infrastructure:
Multi‐homed Amazon Web Services EC2 instance
Native IOS app (free for user & drivers)
Native Android app (free for users & drivers)
Responsive Web Site (
The website is hosted from two different
datacenters to ensure availability ‐ US West (Oregon), and US East (N.Virginia)
Specs vCPU ECU Memory (GiB) Instance Storage (GB) Linux/UNIX Usage
Initial Server
2 X m3.xlarge 4 13 15 2 x 40 SSD $1428 per instance prepaid/year
CentOS 7 (x86_64) with Updates HVM (Open Source) Open Source PostgreSQL database with
PostGIS extensions (Open Source)
To start a business, and increase the odds for success, you will have to have a
complete business model and sound financial plan. A realistic budget, and adequate funds
to cover all operating costs for no less than 12 months are required to have on hand.
These funds can be acquired many ways, but we chose to get a small business line of
credit for $300,000 at an interest rate of 7.8%. This will cover the many expenses
required to start up a new business. We chose to have our headquarters and flagship
office to be located in no other than Phoenix Arizona. Below is a rough Truckster 1 year
 $5,000- CLOUD HOSTING ($2856 + data charges that scale with usage/revenue)
The next phase of starting a business is developing a strong marketing strategy.
Marketing a business like Truckster opens a whole new arena. We are in an age of
information and all that information is now easily accessed from anywhere on countless
devices. As business you will need to guide people to your business in order for it to
survive and a strong web presence is a must. A business that is solely on an Internet
platform must have strong marketing, which can be a challenge. Where do I start, how
much do I spend, what will meet my target audience, and the most important question
what will yield the most income for my business. With Truckster we chose to take a very
targeted marketing strategy. First we built a website with smart device capabilities,
optimized for both mobile devices and tablets. Then, we started the SEO (Search Engine
Optimization) process. “SEO encompasses both the technical and creative elements
required to improve rankings, drive traffic, and increase awareness in search engines.”
(“SEO: The Free Beginner’s Guide from Moz.”)
Search engines like Google are semi smart. They send out bots to scan the web to
look for key words to help the users find what they are looking for easier. However, they
still need a little help. They need to be pointed in your websites direction by having key
words for your business linked to your website, enabling users to locate Truckster. All
search engines have a ranking system. So the more info you have on the web for your
business, key words, the more it will drive traffic back to your website. This causes you
to be on the first page of the search engines results when someone is trying to find you.
You would want to be able to type the word “Truckster” into Google hit search and bam is the number one website that pops up. That is a perfect
scenario, but in order for that to happen a lot of work needs to be put into place. You will
also want for people who don’t know about Truckster searching for a moving service to
type in anything that relates to a moving service in a search engine, and Truckster pop up
in the first page of the search engines results.
Another avenue to drive traffic to your business is retargeting. Retargeting
captures that and funnels advertising on the sidebars of the search pages for Truckster
along with the search results. Truckster may be one of the thousands of moving
companies to choose from, but good SEO enables you to be in the top results on the first
page and ad retargeting helps your users find you easier.
Since Truckster is solely and Internet based platform social media and craigslist
are perfect places to rapidly reach exponential amounts of people. There is a theory
where every person on this planet is connected within the 6 degrees of separation. This
means getting a business onto social media it has the potential to touch everyone on the
planet. Truckster will run Facebook ad campaigns that run on a pay per click basis. This
means your adds will pop up on users pages, and if they click on the add then you pay
your marketing fee. So the more people who click on your website link or add the more
you will be charges for the marketing, but the same token is the more people that click on
your ad the more people who can spread the word about your new business.
The ride sharing platform UBER was founded in 2009 and now has over 8 million
users, and over 160,000 drivers in over 290 cities. It took a company only 6 years to hit
global status. That is amazing. Truckster will be that next best thing that will jolt the
moving industry into the 21st century. The versatility, the flexibility, the ownership, and
the possibilities for Truckster are limitless. An average of 43 million Americans move
each year and are potential Truckster customers. A billion dollar industry is waiting to be
jolted in to the more modern way of doing things. On your next move will you call
Fishkin, Rand. “SEO: The Free Beginner’s Guide from Moz.” Moz. N.p., 2015. Web.
27 July 2015.
“The Moving Industry – Facts and Statistics.” My Moving Reviews The Moving
Industry Facts and Statistics Comments. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 July 2015.
DMR. N.p., 21 Dec. 2014. Web. 28 July 2015.
Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, n.d. Web. 28 July 2015.
Carlee Naylor
29 March 2016
Professor Webb
Project 4
Carlee’s Coffee Shop
Executive Summary
Carlee’s Coffee Shop is determined to become a daily necessity for local coffee
fanatics, a place to bring family and friends, escape daily stresses of life, or just a
place to lounge around while reading a book or typing an essay for school. With
the growing demand for high-quality coffee grounds and great customer service,
Carlee’s Coffee Shop will capitalize on its proximity to Gilbert region in Arizona
to build a core group of continuous & satisfied customers. In addition to first-class
coffee, customers will receive free Wi-Fi, as well as punch cards to receive a free,
any size coffee on their 10th punch.
Objectives Within First Year
 Increase profits each month.
 Maintain a 65% gross margin.
 Become “Best Coffee Shop” for 2016 Readers’ Choice Awards- Arizona
Daily Star.
Keys to Success
The company is expected to grow a sales revenue from $500,000 in year one to
$684,000 by year three. Carlee’s Coffee Shop will strive to maintain a 65% gross
profit margin and reasonable operating expenses. Furthermore, store design will
include a modern, visually attractive design that is attractive to customers and
designed for fast and quality operations. IN addition, there will be a ton of outside
seating, surrounded in beautiful flowers, plants, waterfalls, unique light structures,
music, and misters so the customer can enjoy oneself to the fullest potential.
Carlee’s Coffee Shop will aim to create a unique, fun, and relaxing environment
people will be excited to come to. Whether it’s to socialize, read, finish school
studies, or just to grab a quick & delicious drink, this company will provide a great
ambience at a convenient location with friendly customer service. Carlee’s Coffee
Shop will also invest its profits to increase employee satisfaction.
Our motto:
the best coffee, at the best price, for the best
The menu at Carlee’s Coffee Shop will include expresso-based coffee drinks such
as lattes, mochas, cappuccinos, and blended coffee. Whole milk, skim milk, and
soy milk will be offered will each expresso drink as well. Aside from coffee-based
drinks, our menu will include various teas, smoothies, Italian soda’s, and hot
cocoa. Lastly, tons of flavor shots will be included such caramel, cocoa,
strawberry, peach, pineapple, blueberry, lemon, and the list goes on. Our aim to is
keep everyone happy for any drink they are craving, not just for the coffee-lovers.
Not only do we sell delicious beverages, but we have yummy pastries including
muffins, cookies, strudels, donuts, cupcakes, and croissants.
Three thousand flyers will be distributed to surrounding businesses, schools,
university campuses, office buildings, and adjacent neighborhoods three weeks
before the grand opening. Below is a flyer example:
Targeting Groups
Carlee’s Coffee Shop will focus its marketing activities reaching local Gilbert
natives and offices located close to the coffee shop. Our company’s marketing
research found who this company will attract the most in the pie chart below:
Faculty Workers
College Students
Financial Plan
 Startup Costs- The location of the inside/outside seating of Carlee’s Coffee
Shop is located in Gilbert, AZ and will be signed as a five-year lease.
Specifically, off of Val Vista Dr. and contains a drive-thru for on-the-go
customers. The building is on sale for $85,000.00 and sits at 2,880 SF.
 Variable Costs- Since Carlee’s Coffee Shop uses premium product, as well
as the container that holds the product, variable costs can be pricy. For
example, the milk we use costs $3.00/gallon or $2.34/ounce, and our drinks
on average contain roughly 9 ounces of milk, the milk in return will cost
about .21 cents.
 Fixed Costs- The rent at Carlee’s Cof…
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