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300-400words only so about a half page I think There is only 5 questions you need to answer while reading this article in the link below
um: Genre Discussion (50 points) DUE 4/2 before midnight
Follow the Blackboard link to the scholarly book
chapter, “Genre in the Wild,” and read it with the goal of
answering the following questions in a 300-400 word
discussion post. Copy and paste your response directly into
the discussion forum. By 4/4, respond to one other student
by politely adding to their observations in a 30-50 word
1. How does the book chapter
define Genre?
2. What does the author mean by
saying that “genre lives in the
recurrent situation”?
3. Why is it bad for a writer, trying
to learn new how to write in new
genres, to think of a genre as
merely a static template?
4. Define a “genre ecology.”
5. How can studying genres in this
class prepare you to use new
genres in your future workplace?
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