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Explain fully how episodic tremor and slip works and how it may alter the recurrence time on a great Cascadia Earthquake. Use a minimum of four paragraphs.Explain the concepts of recurrence interval and paleo-seismology. Explain how the recurrence interval for the Cascadia subduction zone was first recognized and what evidence was used. Use a minimum of four paragraphs to answer this question.A tsunami starts off the coast of Chile, near Antofagasta in water that is 8000 meters deep.The tsunami travels both east and west. To the east the water shallows to 100 meters deep.Showing your working and calculate the following:A) the initial speed of the tsunami.B) the speed of the tsunami as it approaches the coast of Chile, to the east.C) if we know the tsunami amplitude in the open ocean is 2m, how high is the tsunami when it reaches the coast of Chile.D) how long it would take the tsunami to reach Hilo, Hawaii – approximately 10,250 km away from the epicenter.

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