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This is a map quiz from geography during the British Empire, not today’s geographic locations (although some may still be the same). A good resource is the “Penguin Historical Atlas of the British Empire,” which traces the emergence of the world’s greatest empire from its earliest beginnings in the British Isles, through its ascendancy in Victorian times, to its ultimate collapse in the mid-20th century. Please fill in the blank questions accurately!!HIST 2702: The British Empire
Map Assignment & Quiz #2
Using your maps prepared earlier, answer the following questions.
1. Name two former colonies and now countries that guard the narrow sea entrance to the Persian Gulf:
a) _______________________
b) ___________________________________
2. Johannesburg is one of the main cities in what country? __________________
What about Christchurch? ______________________
3. Which country is further East, Sierra Leone or Nigeria?
___________ Myanmar or Kuwait? ___________
4. Name the famous British imperial city that fell to the Japanese in WWII and ended the myth of
British invincibility, (now it is the main city in Malaysia, but independent.) Purchased in 1813 by
Stanford Raffles after whom the famous hotel is named, it was announced last spring that it is one of the
most expensive cities in the world! __________________________
5. Name four different countries created out of British India after 1947: a) ___________________
b) ___________________ c) ____________________ d) __________________________
6. Name the islands off of the southeastern coast of South America that were still part of the British
in 1998 and over which the British went to war in the 1980s: ______________________
7. Name two countries in North Africa along the Mediterranean Sea that were created out of British
colonies, one in 1922, the other in 1951: a) _________________ b) _________________
8. Name two groups of islands still held by the British in the Caribbean
a) __________________________ b) _________________________
9. This city on the Arabian Sea is one of the most important cities in Pakistan: ____________________
10. Which is further to the West, Gibraltar or Cyprus? A) __________________
In what body of water are they located? B)_______________________________
11. What two countries were created out of the former Northern and Southern Rhodesia?
1. ________________________ 2. ______________________________
12. On what continent would you find Khartoum? a) ________________ On what river? b) ________
Is it North or South of Lake Tanganyika? c) ________________
13. Name the three countries who currently share the shore of Lake Victoria: a)_________________
b) ___________________________ c) ___________________________
13b. Name the two colonies out of which those countries were made, which shared the shore of Lake
Victoria: 1b. ________________________ 2b. _____________________________
14. This country contains the lower Nile River and links Egypt and Uganda: ______________________
15. This country was first called East Pakistan and its main city is Dacca: ________________________
16. Part of this island north of Australia is now part of the British Commonwealth: _______________
17. What colony of two parts in Central Southern Africa was named after imperialist and diamond
magnate Cecil Rhodes? _____________________
18. This island colony off the East coast of Africa merged with what colony to form Tanzania
in 1963: a) ________________________________ b) ___________________________
19. The British focused their attention on two islands in the Mediterranean in order to protect their
man-made ‘lifeline to India’. Name them: a) _____________________ b) _______________
What was their “lifeline to India” called? _______________________
20. Which two river systems dominate Central and Western Africa respectively?
A) _________________________ b) ___________________________
21. What is the new name of the Gold Coast after 1957? _________________
22. Name two British protectorates/colonies on the Arabian peninsula: a) _______________________
b) _______________________________________
23. Which is further North, Kenya or Zimbabwe? __________________________________
24. Name both the two British colonies and later modern countries that face each other across the
Southern entrance to the Red Sea from the Arabian Sea:
a) ________________________________ b) ___________________________________
c) ________________________________ d) ___________________________________
25. The Suez Canal directly links what two bodies of water? a. ________________ b. ____________
26. This British-leased island city returned to China only in 1997: ____________________________
27. True or False? Tonga, Tuvalu and Vanuatu are located in the Indian Ocean. ___________
28. Kuwait, a former British colony, is located on what body of water? _____________________
29. What city at the bottom of Africa was a coaling station on the original route to India? ___________
30. What is the modern name of the former colony of Ceylon? __________________

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