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Read the Harvard Business Review article on “The B2B Elements of Value”. This article discusses how B2B companies are able to measure and deliver what their business customers want.In chapter 6 of the text the authors discuss the gathering and use of marketing data. For this week’s paper please answer the following questions. – Why is market research and measuring what customers want needed in business-to-business marketing? – Why can’t decisions always be made based on the manager’s experience and intuition? Please remember to start your paper with a good introductory paragraph to attract the attention of your reader. It is also important to include a good conclusion to wrap-up your discussion. Marketing Analysis Short Paper RubricCriteriaRatingsPtsPrimary Issue Identified30.0 to >0.0 ptsFull MarksPrimary issue as presented in the assigned reading is clearly identified, defined and explained. The student substantially and fully examines all of the issues, problems, and aspects of the facts as outlined in the topic or issue assigned.0.0 ptsNo Marks30.0 ptsSuccinct Analysis of Data30.0 to >0.0 ptsFull MarksSuccinctly analyzes the data that is presented in the reading/article and these facts are communicated in a concise manner to the reader. The student demonstrates that topics from the textbook can be related back to the questions or issues being presented in the assignment.0.0 ptsNo Marks30.0 ptsUnderstanding and Communication of the Topic30.0 to >0.0 ptsFull MarksStudent is able to relate their understanding of assigned topic and can communicate it’s relevance to the textbook. The paper demonstrates a thorough understanding relevant facts, figures, assumptions, recommendations, and strategies in the topic or issue assigned.0.0 ptsNo Marks30.0 ptsGrammar, Spelling, Punctuation10.0 to >0.0 ptsFull MarksFlawless spelling, punctuation, grammar; Graduate level, concise business-style writing. Student avoids the use of first person, personal style writing.0.0 ptsNo Marks10.0 ptsTotal Points: 100.0

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