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2 pages Subject: PsychologyTopic: week 4 JournalMediation in the case studyPlease see attached reading resources and videos to complete assignment.
Identify the mediable issues in the below scenario. Frame those issues for discussion and negotiation in the language you find most productive for the situation.
Madame Fromage’s Fine Cheeses is an international company. The business works with local farmers in several countries to ethically source and manufacture high-end cheese products for sale and distribution worldwide via high-end grocery stores, specialty shops, and online markets. The Board of Directors (hereinafter “the Board”) wants to oust their current CEO, but because of contractual obligations that would create a messy and expensive situation they have elected to mediate instead.Week 4 Readings and resources
Please watch the following 3 video links
as well below

Enhancing Mediator Neutrality Through Question
Asking (Links to an external site.) -Lehman, P. and
Page,N.R. (2007, September). Enhancing Mediator
Neutrality Through Question-Asking.
The Importance of Emotions in Mediation (Links to an
external site.) – Denny, J. The Importance
of Emotions in Mediation
Focusing on Interests Rather Than Positions (Links to
an external site.) – Cohen, S.P., Focusing on Interests
Rather Than Positions—Conflict Resolution Key.
Mediation Positions vs. Interests – (Links to an external
site.) Noble, C.(2013). Mediation Positions vs.
Positions, Interests and Needs (Links to an external
site.) -Snoeck, S., Smith R., Andreas P., Spyros, S.,

Kokera, C., Engel, L., Abrahams, M.C. & SalvadorAntequisa,R. (2011). Positions, Interests and Needs.
Collaborative Problem Solving (Links to an external
site.) – Read “Tabs” 7-8, “Facilitating the Collaborative
Process” and “Problem Solving Techniques”.

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