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there are 3 bullet points. write 200 words for each = 600 words total!Attached is the file with the questions to be answered. 3 paragraphs for each bullet point. The professor is super easy going. As long as the assignment is answered i will most likely get an A. Does not have to be complex at all.Music Appreciation
3 paragraphs for each bullet
• Throughout this course, I have explained musical genres-their
characteristics, instrumentation, form and influences. I would
like you to pick a genre of your choice. Choose one song from
a favorite artist. Explain the song to me as if it were my first
listening experience with the genre. Describe the form,
instrumentation, etc. In addition, since no music is created in
a void, find an earlier song in the genre. Explain the influence
the older song had on the newer song. Examples- if you
choose country- look to artists like Johnny Cash, Kenny
Rogers, Tanya Tucker. If you choose rap- look to early artists
of the genre like Sugar Hill Gang,, Fab 5 Freddy, The Last
Poets. If you choose alternative, look to Elliot Smith, Velvet
• Write a brief (3 paragraph) essay on Aaron Copland. List his
dates, musical style and important pieces. Listen to “Fanfare
for Common Man”, “Letters from Home” “Rodeo Suite.” Explain
why these pieces were written. Describe the instrumentation
and your opinion of each selection.
• Listen to “On the Transmigration of Souls” by John Adams.
Briefly write about John Adams and his musical style. Explain
why this piece was written. Describe this work; its
instrumentation (including some very unconventional sounds),
form. Describe your reaction opinion of this work.

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