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This is based on United States Multimedia Law. Make sure you are knowledgeable and able to write from the context United States legal precedent. NO PLAGIARISM!! You could fail this assignment if you copy anything from anywhere.I will expect you to think critically about First Amendment rights as you develop these essays. Three cases will be presented after these instructions. You are to write your essay on only one of the cases for Essay 1. In the first paragraph, describe the dilemma you have, the situation you are in. In your essays, address the questions posed following the scenario, but make it all flow as though those questions are thoughts you have and know that they must be considered in arriving at a solution to your journalistic dilemma. Do not list the questions within your essay and then answer them individually. You must fully justify the path you choose. In other words, whether you choose a solution that is provided to you within the case scenario or another one you have come up with on your own, you must explain completely why you have made this choice. Refer to at least two previously decided U.S. Supreme Court cases (precedents) as partial support for your decision. Remember: The First Amendment is NOT a precedent. Do not start off writing the scenario as it appears in this assignment simply to add words to your essay. You must begin by briefly explaining the dilemma you are facing. Remember: The reader of your paper doesn’t know what the assignment is.1
Case 1
How much information should you report?
You are a reporter for a local newspaper. You come back to the office one day to find several staff
members discussing this story:
Two teenagers have been killed in an automobile accident. The driver, who survived, had been drinking
prior to the accident. The two girls in the back seat, both of whom were killed, were nude at the time of
the accident.
Your colleague, another reporter, is pushing for all the known facts to be reported. But the editor argues
that the fact of the girls’ nudity should not be revealed; he claims that such information will just be an
additional insult to their parents, who already are suffering from the girls’ deaths.
Ask: Do you have a right to publish:
The fact that the driver was drinking?
The fact that the girls were nude at the time of the accident?
Would it be responsible to publish these facts in reporting the accident?
Brainstorm ALONE about things to consider in deciding whether to report this information:
Do we have all the facts? Has anyone interviewed the survivor?
Does the newspaper have a policy on printing names of sexual-assault victims?
Will publishing the information help anyone else?

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