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Title: Base Pay and Employee Rewards Create a 12- to 18-slide, 12-15 minute Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with visuals, graphics and speaker notes (cited) outlining performance-based total compensation plans for four organizations (real organizations) . The organizations must be in different industries, have different employee groups, and utilize different pay strategies. One each – private/public/government/union.Include the following in your presentation: Describe the Total Reward pay strategies being used. Since the organizations have different employee groups, the key objectives for each group should be different.Address how pay/benefits/NMRs are used to drive organizational objectives. Include whether or not unions have a role in any of the pay strategies. (in one organization)Assess direct and indirect reward plans, even non-monetary rewards (NMR) – also Extrinsic and Intrinsic rewards – available to two types of employee positions. Address – summarize: The total reward plans that are offeredThe similarities and differences that exist among the individual organization plans. Best to use a single matrix for this part. How well each organization’s reward plan should supports expectations and goalsDetermine which organization has better aligned pay and rewards with key objectives – in your Conclusion slide.Use at least five credible/published sources (at least one for each organization, and our text.Format your presentation slides, citations, references consistent with APA guidelines – the Instructor’s Oral Presentation guide and rubric.

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