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#1We learned in this chapter that the definition of liberalism has evolved over time. Including, at certain points, conflicting narratives such as a strong state regulatory system, but also its opposing view that the state should not be involved. We’ve been introduced to the idea of a healthy welfare state, as well as, the need for equal opportunity while maintaining a competitive society. For this discussion I would like you to identify a contemporary political or social problem of your choosing, and discuss how “liberalism” would either exacerbate or alleviate the issue. Be sure to discern which form of liberalism you choose and be sure to support your argument.Need help picking a political or social problem? Try this website the time to review the chapter and familiarize yourself with the major tenants of each theory. Choose one of the statements below and argue from one of the theoretical perspectives covered in the chapter. Choose the theory you will be arguing based on the first letter of your last name.If your last name begins with:A-E=Realism; F-J=Liberalism; K-O=Economic Structuralism; P-T=Constructivism; U-Z=FeminismOnce you’ve familiarized yourself with the theory, list the reasons why your theory agrees or disagrees with one of the following statements.Economic power is more important than military power for states in the twenty- first century.The United Nations must take a more active role in resolving today’s conflicts in developing countries.The World Trade Organization will be the key to international free trade for the twenty-first century.Women must become more involved in the political and economic systems within their states and in the international community.

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