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This assignment is for my senior project class. This assignment will be turned in to so be aware. The full assignment outline and description is attached. If you find anything you need that isn’t uploaded let me know and I’ll upload.SENIOR PROJECT INSTRUCTIONS
PART V – Quality Control Plan
(Individual Submittal)
A Quality Control Plan shall be produced for the Senior Project. The Quality Control Plan
submittal will be due as listed in the Course Outline.
You will need to submit your plan through Turnitin thru Canvas, before the due date and time.
Verify in advance the due date and time to submit your plan thru Turnitin on Canvas. Please
note that you will be able to submit your plan through Turnitin only one time.
The Contractor is required to have a half-time Quality Engineer throughout the project durations.
Submit a Quality Control Plan that details the methods and procedures that will be taken to
assure that all materials and completed construction required by this contract conform to
contract plans, technical specifications and other requirements. The Quality Control Program
shall be organized to address, as a minimum, the following items:

Quality Record and Performance: A general discussion of the company’s overall
construction quality record and performance.

Quality Control Procedures and Policies: A detailed discussion regarding the
company’s quality control procedures and policies, including but not limited to:

Quality Control Policy
Testing Standards and Methods
Commissioning and Start-up Policy (should include discussion of various
steps associated with commissioning and should commence at the initial
stages of the project)
Quality Award Program

Quality Control Organization: An organizational chart shall be developed to show
all quality control personnel. The chart shall also show how these personnel integrate
with other management/production and construction functions and personnel by
using dotted lines of communication in the chart.

Quality Control Process: A detailed discussion regarding the company’s Quality
Control Process (describe how you maintain quality from the Procurement Phase
through Final Inspection), including but not limited to:
 Procurement Phase
 Purchasing Meeting
 Pre-Mobilization Meeting
 Preparatory Meeting
 Initial Inspection
 Follow-up Inspection
 Final Inspection

Submittals Schedule: A detailed listing of all submittals (for example, mix designs,
material certifications) and shop drawings.

Documentation of Quality Control Activities: Introduce samples of the different
reports and records that you are planning to use to track the various inspections and
tests at the Project, including but not limited to: Daily Inspection Reports and Daily
Test Reports. These records must cover both conforming and defective or deficient

Corrective Action Requirements: The Quality Control Plan shall indicate the
appropriate action to be taken when a process is deemed, or believed, to be out of
control (out of tolerance) per inspections or tests and detail what action will be taken
to bring the process into control.
 The narrative portion of the Quality Control Plan shall be limited to no more than eight
(8) pages, excluding the quality organization chart, the submittals schedule, and the
documentation samples.

Under no circumstances you will be allowed to provide information or quality control
plans copied from external sources, including the internet. Your submittal will be
considered non-responsive and you will receive grade of “0” if it is discovered that you
have provided non-original material that is not specific to this Project.

Use font size 11 (Arial), 1.15 line spacing

Use 1” margins, and page numbering.
The Quality Control Plan should be submitted as a Bookmarked pdf file. Each member of a
group can use similar cover sheets. Differentiate between the members’ submittals by including
the member name on the cover page.
The Quality Control Plan submittal shall be organized as follows:
Cover sheet at a minimum, identifying the company, project, and student name.
b. TAB #1: Table of Contents
TAB #2: Cover letter presenting your QC Plan to the owner
d. TAB #4: Quality Control Plan
Your QCP should be bookmarked. Any attachment you include in your QCP should also
be bookmarked in the single QCP pdf file.

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