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Read the two articles and answer the questions 1)Compare and contrast 2 of the 3 food webs (Figures 1,2, and 3) from Paine 1966. What is/are the major predator(s) in the food webs you chose to compare and contrast? 2)What was the role that Pisasterplayed in influencing the diversity of the rocky intertidal? How did Paine determine this?3)In the Hughes et al. (2014) paper, what was the observed difference between acoustic and chemical cues? What environmental conditions might affect the chemical cues? 4)In Hughes et al. (2014), what explanation do the authors give for the black drum and catfish acoustic cues having a greater effect on crab foraging behavior than the toadfish or snapping shrimp?5)Write out the citation for bothjournal articles using Journal of Ecologyformatting.

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