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Title: Investing using Big Data Abstract: Big Data is only as useful as how well one’s analytic interpretation of the data is crafted. The global economy is based around Big Data in the twenty-first century, with attachments to enterprises such as hedge funds, investment stocks, real estate, and scientific technology. In this paper, I will discuss the various topics of how Big Data can be used in each of the enterprises specifically, but also how you can change your scope of the data, by analyzing the enterprises together for enhancing self-investments. We’ll discuss a few types of analytic methods that can help us interpret this data for strategic decision making.Term PaperSubmit a term paper based on researching appropriate sources and addressing the topic listed above and interest related to Big Data. The term paper should be roughly 5 – 10 pages (double spaces, 10 – 12 point font), and can include figures/charts if appropriate (their sources should be referenced, and they should not make up to bulk of the paper). Lists can also be included if appropriate, but should not make up the bulk of the paper.The paper should include: an introduction, content (including some detailed content), and a conclusion (not a summary, but what you have learned from the paper and what you would recommend based on what you have learned). Of course, it should not be plagiarized from another source. All Papers will be analyzed and scored by Turn-it-In Software to detect plagiarism, and severe penalties will result if detected. The goal is not a Turn-it-in score of 0, but that copying be limited and referenced.Grading Table: Knowledge Displayed 5.0 pts Depth 5.0 pts Clarity 5.0 pts Content 5.0 pts Conclusion 5.0 pts

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