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All the instructions is in the attached documents.Keep it Simple Please.Thank you.GERO 365
Essay Assignment- Week 11
Select one essay topic
Research the topic and provide response. Essay should be a
minimum of 750 words. For tips on writing a college essay, refer to the
tip sheet contained in the class Information folder. I will be looking for
concise, well organized thought process. Helpful tip: One paragraph
for one thought or idea. Multiple ideas in one paragraph is
1. What factors influence poverty among the aged? Which groups
among older adults are more likely to be economically
disadvantaged compared to other groups? How does the concept
“cumulative disadvantage” assist us in our understanding of different
patterns of experience in later life?
2. What are the implications of an increasingly ethnically diverse
population for aging in American society?
3. Describe how gender, race, and social class intersect to influence
the experience of aging in the United States.

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