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Discussion – Week 2
CollapseDisplaying Data Visual displays of data provide you and anyone else with a
graphical display of what is often a complex array of quantitative data.
A key strength of visualization is the ability to quickly enlighten you
with key data. Rather than solely relying on your audience to interpret
numerical values and statistics explained in a narrative, a visual
display can easily illustrate descriptions, relationships, and trends.
Although the focus is on simplicity, the researcher has an obligation to
present these graphical displays in a clear and meaningful way. For this Discussion, you will explore ways to appropriately display data. To prepare for this Discussion: Review the Learning Resources for this week related to frequency distributions and graphic displays of data.Using the SPSS software, open the General Social Survey dataset found in this week’s Learning Resources.Next, create a figure or table from a few selected variables within the dataset.Finally, think about what is good about how the data are displayed in the figure or table you created and what is not so good. By Day 3 Post your display of the table or figure you created and provide
an explanation of why this would be the best way to display the data
provided. Be sure to support your Main Post and Response Post with reference
to the week’s Learning Resources and other scholarly evidence in APA

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