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Based on this week’s reading, describe how a leader can “play God.” Does “playing God” only benefit the followers, or the leader as well?


This week’s discussion looks at the monetary, health, and social costs of being obese.  Read the book chapters and articles found in this week’s readings.  You will see that according to some sources, there are many health problems associated with being obese.  However, according to the Health at Every Size movement and study, being obese is not unhealthy.  For your initial post, choose which side of the debate you believe to be more accurate.   2-3 pararagrah  stating your position and providing data from relevant articles to support this position.  You may consider pulling in information from previous weeks to strengthen your position.

Health Risks

Understanding Obesity Stigma Brochure

Suffering from Obesity

Understanding Obesity Stigma Brochure

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