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· respond to your classmates’ initial posts. Your peer responses should be substantive and at least 100 words each. In your peer responses, select a state different than the one you discussed and compare and contrast the voter ID laws in the state you choose for your initial post with the state your peer has chosen. Also, compare your post to a classmate’s post that takes a contrary position. If you are arguing voter fraud is a major problem, then contrast your argument to a classmate that argues voter ID laws are designed to suppress voting, or vice versa.


The state I chose is North Carolina, traditionally they have always been a strict state when it comes to id voter laws. Recently they have changed this law and an id is no longer required. Recently this state has faced voting id controversies such as discrimination and it is said that this goes against a constitutional amendment. I believe showing some type of citizenship should be required because how are you supposed to account for this citizen in this state if no id is required? A pro is that I believe more people would have confidence going in and being a part of voting for our president. I don’t understand why the voting system has not been updated. This is odd to me because of the advances in technology. I do believe it is an easy argument when things are not going someone’s way. Wow, media has had such an Impact on voters and can be beneficial and can also be very easily distorted to what they want you to believe. I believe in recent years this has been an issue because a lot of citizens believe that if you live here but do not obtain a citizenship should be allowed to vote. This is very controversial especially more so when Trump was in office because of remarks he made and how he made a large portion of his presidency about building a wall.  I believe that the media impacted both sides. Trump was very erratic and unpredictable. People that I spoke to that really liked Trump as a president believed his transparency was a benefit and they felt as if this is what America needed, but others found this to be a ticking time bomb. While during this election a very big thing for Clinton was everything that took place in Benghazi, how could we trust a president that would leave our men behind is what I believe a lot of people felt. The news outlets had this beaming everywhere as well as everything that came out of trumps mouth and people either loved trump or hated him so much, they voted for Clinton.


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