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Fitness level prior to class (at least 125 words)

  • What were your workout habits prior to the class?
  • How did you feel physically and mentally during and after exercise?
  • Were there any activities that you did not particularly enjoy and avoided?

# 2  

Fitness level now (at least 125 words)

  • What are your workout habits now?
  • Are you able to participate in activities that they were previously unable to?
  • What differences do you feel now when you participate in physical activity (during and after)?
  • Are there any activities that you want to try now that they feel able to handle them?


Detailed exercise plan for when the semester ends (at least 125 words)

  • What do you plan on doing for exercise each week after the class ends?
  • Are there any new activities you would like to begin incorporating?
  • How will you continue to increase exercise intensity, duration, and frequency?


Fitness goals that you want to obtain (at least 125 words)

  • A detailed description of 3-4 fitness goals that you hope to achieve by following the exercise plan and nutrition plan outlined in this assignment
  • (Goals talked about should be short and long term)

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