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Case study that depicts an ethical dilemma related to the dental profession

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Case study that depicts an ethical dilemma related to the dental profession

Nicol David is a 17-year-old patient who has come in for a routine dental checkup at the hospital. Dr. Moona Lisa has been her regular dentist for the past 10 years. So, she knows her since her childhood and asked her some informal questions related to her school and hobbies. Nicol has an appointment for an X-ray of her teeth as her wisdom tooth is giving her much pain and swelling. Dr. Lisa tells her about the X-ray and asks her to be ready. But suddenly Nicol see a poster on the wall labeled that X-rays are harmful to pregnant women. She thinks for a while and tells the doctor that she is expecting. Nicol requested the doctor not to tell this secret to her family as Dr. Lisa has known her family for many years. Nicol is involved in adolescence and she does not want her family to come to know this fact. So, there is an ethical dilemma related to dentistry that how Dr. Lisa will handle this scenario. Dr. Lisa should have to consider her ethical and professional responsibility.

Now Dr. Lisa will study her patient’s case and consider the implications associated with it. There are many scenarios that come to her mind while studying and thinking about her patient case as patient confidentiality is the prime ethical responsibility of the doctor. The options for Dr. Lisa may be: Should she do nothing leaving Nicol to deal with the matter or try to convince Nicol to discuss the pregnancy with her family or inform Nicol that her dentist must tell the family if Nicol doesn’t offer to tell the mother. So the doctor won’t have to arrange for Nicol to see a physician to make sure of her condition inform Nicol’s mother in spite of Nicol’s objection. Now, the doctor has to choose an option depending upon the patient’s well-being and the magnitude of the situation that problem may arise for Nicol by letting her family know that she is involved in adultery. Miss Lisa has to consider the practice of adhering to local laws pertaining to minors upholding the privacy and confidentiality of the patient. The young patient’s decision-making abilities consequences of the patient’s situation consideration of a possible history of abuse the obligation to reach informed consent the relationship of trust between the patient and the dentist.

So, Miss Lisa will assess the situation through APIDE guidelines by asking questions from her patient and acting as a detective, and gathering information on how her patient got involved in adultery why she is doing such stuff, and is taking assistance or checkup from some gynecologist for diagnosis. After that under the APIDE guidance planning principle, the doctor would plan how to handle situations and plan smart goals by keeping in consideration of her patient’s health. Hence, the doctor will plan an appointment with to gynecologist for her patient first to know about her pregnancy details. Now doctor will utilize implement a part of the APIDE rule and implement a strategy to arrange regular checkups with a gynecologist and keep in touch with her during the pregnancy time period and try to take her family into confidence. Lastly, the evaluation part of the APIDE guideline is applied to evaluate her future progress and health-related issues.

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