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Course Competence: Integrative Nursing

Module 9

Create integrative, holistic, caring environments supported by evidence-based strategies.


Create a PowerPoint describing how you would create a healing space for patients or implement a holistic nursing approach for patients. Include a title slide, a reference slide, and five-to-eight content slides with speaker notes. Your content slides should do the following:

1. Define your intervention (either a healing space or a holistic nursing approach) and provide two examples of how this intervention will benefit patients.

2. Describe how this intervention will be used with patients.

3. Identify at least one rationale for choosing this specific intervention.

4. Integrate two resources that discuss and support the intervention. Make sure to cite your sources.

5. Discuss how the intervention will benefit patient health practices. Provide at least one benefit.

6. Discuss at least one potential barrier to implementing this intervention.

Develop a PowerPoint presentation with a proposed practice intervention (either healing space for patients or staff or holistic nursing approach proposal you will present to the hospital leadership team). Please include notes on your slides.

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