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 In week 1, you were asked to analyze the use of statistics in your career field or daily life. Now that you have expanded your knowledge base, let’s reexamine that relationship. Have you thought of new ways in which statistics could be incorporated into your current or future career field or daily life? Are there ways in which you could improve processes in your current or future career field or daily life using these techniques (related to statistics)? Give specific examples and suggestions. 

Attach is week 1 assignment 

I cannot deny that I do use statistics in many ways in my daily life. One of the common ways I would use statistics in the future is by forecasting the likely level of patients who would be suffering certain health conditions. My future career in nursing is likely to rely more on statistical forecasts to understand trends and even make important inferences from these trends. Thus, in the future, as a nurse, I will be preparing my profession to patients of a certain condition by analyzing which disease is likely to have been suffered by many patients.

Secondly, I will also be using statics to analyze how different diseases are suffered in a different locations. In this approach, I will be looking for knowledge on which diseases are common within localities. Thus, I would be using statistics for purposes of advancing medical research. With the help of statistical inferences, it will be easy for me as a nurse to decide on which diseases should be researched and where the population samples should come from. This uses the most relevant population in medical research to create valuable knowledge about a disease (Jasek & Stec, 2018).

I know statistic will be vital in my future career. There is a lot of quantitative research that I have to undergo as a nurse. Thus, I will need statistical knowledge to have a conceptual understanding of different concepts and values. Furthermore, I will also need statics to express statistical insight into a form that can be understood in layman language without struggling with hard stoical inferences (Kuerban, 2018).


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