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Note: The 3 questions must include full Introduction, Analysis, and Summary paragraphs. Must be written in APA format. Provide 4 references for each question. 400 words each.

1. Take a look at the US-CERT (United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team) web site at , , ” Use this sources of information, and explain in your own words how threat agents and risk affects information security and whether cryptographic techniques can provide countermeasures to these threats.

2. Using the link Snort can be downloaded

Pick one of the named rules files, open it, and choose a rule. If this is your first exposure to Snort rule syntax, please note that the rules are the sometimes-cryptic looking items starting with the word “alert”. Copy the rule you pick and describe what the rule means in your own words.

3. There are two basic categories of ciphers: secret key (symmetric) and public key (asymmetric).

For one of the cipher categories, describe a possible key management system, i.e., a method for creating, distributing, and storing cryptographic keys for the cipher category that you’ve picked. The key management system that you describe can either be a system in use (with appropriate citations), or a system of your own invention.

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