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revision needed for attached assignment



TO: Jasmine Murray


DATE: 2nd February 2022

SUBJECT: Investigative Report on United Nations Youth Volunteers (UNV)

It is important to me, as a young person hoping to have a future in research and sustainable development, that I gain experience and knowledge in these fields so that I may better help others throughout the globe. As part of the United Nations, the UNV (United Nations Volunteers for Youth) provides volunteer opportunities for young people to put what they’ve learned in school into practice while also giving them a taste of what it’s like to work in a real workplace. They do this by working to address societal and environmental issues that affect a variety of marginalized groups. Due of my interest in working with UN Volunteers, I’ve been doing research on the organization.

In the reflection of how UN works, it may seem difficult to get a job at the United Nations, but because of the vast and diversified nature of its work, there are several entrance points for people with a wide range of educational and professional experiences. The United Nations work series was created by United Nations Youth Volunteers to assist you in learning more about the UN, its structure, and some of the most frequent ways to join the group. In today’s post, we’ll take a closer look at UN Volunteers, the fifth in the series.

“Existing Volunteer Opportunities at UNV”

Volunteers from the United Nations who are sent to a country as UNV Program Officers are responsible for representing the organization and overseeing the needs and expectations of other UN Volunteers assigned to the area. By participating in the United Nations Online Volunteering project, volunteers may assist factor for developing with their operating subsidiaries.

“How to Become a Youth Volunteer with UNV”

No less is demanded of UN Youth Volunteers since the UN Volunteers (UNV) program has earned a reputation for recruiting and fielding the world’s best level volunteers. Volunteering for the UN requires a deep commitment to world harmony and progress. First and foremost, they need to be eager and driven. They should be able to adapt quickly in different environments and cultures. , Lastly, will I commit to a period of six to twenty-four months? Finally, one should have a desire to participate in local or global volunteerism and community service.

“The Benefits of Volunteering with UNV”

No matter where you go, your effect will stay. It may have far-reaching effects on both the people you serve and yourself. In the role as an international UN Volunteer, one will obtain invaluable professional and personal experiences. Working abroad allows someone to expand their horizons, develop new skills, and adapt to new situations. In addition, a volunteer will be a global citizen. Confronting issues with community people and UN colleagues frequently generates lifelong connections. Notably, working abroad will make your CV stand out while employers value adaptability, creativity, and tolerance of differences. Volunteering has benefited my professional and personal life. Volunteering overseas is a unique way to help peace and development activities in nations that most need them. Giving back will give you a wonderful feeling of satisfaction that will last a lifetime. International UN Volunteers boost local volunteer projects, build community capacity, promote ownership and sustainability of development operations, and help achieve the SDGs (SDGs). Finally, assist UN development and peacekeeping partners and communities in addressing poverty, humanitarian crises, war, post-conflict and fragile peace goals and needs. Volunteer experience will help partner UN agencies execute on their plans and responsibilities.

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