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The final exam (a-bration!) is a timed, three-paragraph essay exam.

Note: This exam is open-note, open-book, open-lesson so that you may remind yourself of key terms and concepts. However, please do not cite or paraphrase source material (textbook, lesson, outside articles, nor any source/research). This exam must be composed entirely by you, in your voice, using your own powers of persuasion.

Scenario: You are presenting your end-of-class celebration plans to a jury whose sole purpose is to approve or reject end-of-class celebration plans. This jury has decided many such cases, so it is your job to make your case compelling, engaging, exciting, unique, and argumentatively sound.

Toward that goal, and in three fully-developed paragraphs, please address the prompt questions .

A special note: While you should employ pre-writing, planning, and drafting techniques, please use a separate document or notebook for those pre-writing, planning, and stages. The final draft of your 3 exam paragraphs should be the only items you submit.

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