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   Support after Software Deployment   

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  • Your software has gone live and is in the production environment.  The project gets handed over to the IT support team. Research support  after software deployment. What are some of the challenges that can  happen?
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Marion White

RE: Support after Software Deployment

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Hello Everyone!

Support After Software Deployment: Challenges That Can Happen

Software can be very unpredictable, and employees can be very resistant to change. Therefore, the time after deploying software is often crucial in determining its success. According to Mäntylä & Vanhanen (2011), one of the challenges faced when supporting a new software or software update after deployment is helping the users of the software to navigate the software and understand the changes in the case of an update. The reason is that although software deployment often comes after users’ training, many users do not have a complete grasp of the software functionality, and they often face challenges navigating the software. It is the work of IT Support to help users become acquainted with the software. This takes time because users also have to shake off the old way of doing things and implement a new way of conducting activities supported by the new software.

Just like no person is perfect, no single software is perfect. Laukkanen et al. (2017) explain that another significant challenge is software flaws in its design and testing. Therefore, there are possibilities that software is deployed with significant vulnerabilities. In fact, developers believe that each software has vulnerabilities only that they have not been identified. Therefore, one challenge that may arise after deployment and during software support is the identification of “Bugs” and design flaws that were not detected by software developers and software testers. In this context, it is the work of the IT support team to help users navigate these challenges and report the problems to developers for correction.  


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