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 The work system method is most effective when used to resolve a practical issue or investigate an opportunity within an organization. By stating a problem or an opportunity, we begin the process of utilizing the work system method. We then define the scope of the system’s analysis. Have you recently resolved a problem or pursued an opportunity? You might have such experience as an information technology developer or as a business user. Please use it as the experience for a work system analysis for this assignment, defining the scope and elements of the system as illustrated in Figure 2.1 and on pages 14-16. Additionally, you must create a snapshot of the identified work system. On page 17 of the textbook, you can find Figure 2.2 as a reference. Please prepare your report using the assignment template. Please double-check the work practice identified is accurate and consistent with other elements as indicated in italicized guidelines for internal consistency in Figure 4.3. 

First and Last Name

Introduction of the Work System

Please describe the background information of the problem/opportunity as well as the related organization or its units. The problem/opportunity cannot be fictional/imagined and must exist. In other words, the work system method must be used to analyze a real case, not fictional case.

Please describe the scope of the work system to adequately analyze the problem/opportunity… the scope could consist of one or more departments, i.e. IT & Marketing, or an ERP system of the organization, etc…

Work System Snapshot

Please identify basic component elements in your work system as well as its customers and products & services. In addition to Figure 2.2, you could refer Figure 4.4 to 4.9 as examples.

Please add the problem/opportunity statement here…..


Products & Services


Work Practices (Major Activities or Processes)

· Please summarize the work practices in 7 to 10 steps….








Other elements

Please identify environment, infrastructure, and strategies of the work system

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