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This week, you will be developing an annotated bibliography that identifies the sources you will use in your Leadership Development Plan, and justifies how each source applies to your paper. For more information about the Leadership Development Plan, refer to the Project Instructions Document.

DIrections for constructing an annotated bibliography

Preparing an Annotated Bibliography

Purpose of an annotated bibliography

It is a list of citations, each is followed by a brief, descriptive paragraph.

This descriptive paragraph is the annotation.

An annotated bibliography’s aim is to analyze the quality and relevance of the sources used in one’s research.


Steps in constructing an annotated bibliography

Collect your sources. Gather sources that look at your subject matter from a number of angles.

Cite the source in APA format.

Write a summary of the article’s central theme(s).

Who is the author? Evaluate their expertise and/or background.

Compare the article with others you have chosen.


Formatting an annotated bibliography

Begin with the APA citation for your source

Skip a line and indent. The first paragraph is a summary of the article.

Indent for new paragraph. The second paragraph is an evaluation of the source.

How does the information in the article compare to other articles in your bibliography?

Is the source and author credible? Why or why not?

ILS4302 Leadership Development Plan Instructions

Given that this course focuses on corrupt and toxic leadership, you will develop a plan to aid you in developing and growing your leadership abilities to be an effective leader who avoids such. In this plan you will need identify what you will do to be an effective, non-toxic leader. Ultimately the idea is to apply the material that you learn from the content in this course into a real action plan for your own growth as a leader. Your final leadership development plan will be assessed in terms of how well you have integrated your insights gained with course material discussed as well as how realistic, creative, and insightful your plan is. Your final plan will include three parts:

Part I

In Part I, you will identify the most important insights or learning points on leadership that you believe that you have gained from this course. Be sure to describe why you find them personally meaningful to you. Identify at least 3 leadership theories that resonated with you the most.

Part II

In Part II, you will provide a factual description and a critical self-assessment and analysis of important leadership challenges, opportunities and dilemmas your career or life thus far. Describe the specific ways that you responded in those situations; and the overall success or failure of those outcomes. Be sure to identify the situations that you found to be the most helpful in letting you blossom as a leader, as well as those that have hindered your growth as a leader. In
assessing your strengths
you will use your identified experiences to determine key aspect of your personality that your successful leadership qualities. In
assessing your weaknesses
you will use the identified experiences to determine the aspects about you that you believe seemingly prevent you from fully realizing or reaching your leadership potential.

Part III

In Part III, you will outline, in specific details, a career progression road map for the next 5 years. You will need to justify how you will leverage the leadership skills you already possess and help you acquire the ones you don’t have but need, as identified in part 2.

Your final Leadership Development Plan should be 10 – 15 pages in length, should include a title and reference page, and should utilize 10 – 12 sources. Your paper should adhere to APA standards for formatting and citation. Final drafts of your Development Plan are due at the end of Week 10.

Project Checkpoints

To support your progress towards your final Leadership Development Plan, you will submit periodic project checkpoints:

1. A summary of three different theories of leadership you are considering drawing on for your Development Plan, due at the end of Week 2.

2. An annotated bibliography outlining the sources you are using for your project, due at the end of Week 5.

3. A 1-page outline of your paper, due at the end of Week 8.


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ILS4302 Annotated Bibliography Rubric






Correct number of sources

Used 10 sources

(10 pts)

Used 6-9 sources

(6-9 pts)

Used 1-5 sources

(0-5 pts)

Summary of each source

Summary for each of the sources is robust.

(30 pts)

Summary is either not robust and/or is not included for 6 or more of the sources.

(16-29 pts)

Summary is not robust and/or not included for 5 or more of the sources.

(0-15 pts)

Evaluation of each source

An evaluation and comparison of each of the 10 sources is included.

(30 pts)

An evaluation and comparison of 6 or more of the sources is included.

(16-29 pts)

An evaluation and comparison of 5 or fewer of the sources is included.

(0-15 pts)

APA Formatting

Each of the 10 sources are cited in correct APA formatting.

(30 pts)

Six or more of the sources are cited in correct APA formatting.

(16-29 pts)

Five or fewer of the sources are cited in correct APA formatting.

(0-15 pts)


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