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Write a journal of exactly 500 words. At least one of your intext citation and reference must be the provided textbook

Textbook= An Introduction to the History of Psychology (Henley, T., Hergenhahn, B. R.)

Chapter 15: Early Considerations of Mental Illness

Chapter 16: Psychoanalysis

Articles & Web Pages:

Article: Rosalia H: With Freud a Prelude to Psychoanalysis

Article: Classifying the Personality Theories: Freud, Jung, Adler


What is Psychoanalysis

Treatment of the Mentally Ill in History

What the Journal Must Include:

Responses and reactions to class discussion, class readings, videos, and class activities on a topic. For example, what did you learn in Module 7 or from a peer’s group presentation?

Reflections on the concepts and activities in course reading assignments, class discussions, videos, etc.

Ideas or thoughts gained as a result of interactions with peers in class discussions or group project.

Questions remaining about a particular topic.

Examples of further reading on the topic.

Suggestions for future reading and why they might be important.

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