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Please respond directly to the classmate discussion post below in 100 words minimum.

The post is talking about the movie, ?LA Confidential?

?One example of this concept is depicted at the end of the movie. ?After Edmund Exley and Wendell White uncover Captain Dudley is behind the killing of Stensland in the Night Owl robbery and the killing of Jack Vincennes, they attempt to go after him. ?During their investigations, they find District Attorney Loew was being blackmailed making him look the other way on certain crimes committed by Captain Dudley. ?Upon being lured to a remote location set up by Captain Dudley, a major firefight ensues which ends up killing over a dozen people to include a corrupt Captain Dudley and leaving Exley and White hurt. ?Once it was all over, Exley was interviewed and began to tell the truth about the corruption that has been occurring in the police department with Captain Dudley and his officers and the truth about who really was behind the Night Owl killings. ?Once the Police Chief and District Attorney heard who and what was involved, they were already thinking how they were going to be able to spin the situation so as not to make the city and department look bad or corrupt. ?At the end, they turned the story into a win and making Exley a hero for the second time by killing the bad guys. ?

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