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Please respond directly to the classmate discussion post below in 100 words minimum.

The post is talking about the movie, ?LA Confidential?

In my opinion, the scene where Stensland goes after the Mexicans they arrested by beating a couple of them up while in the holding cells. ?You get White trying to break it up, but he ends up beating on the Mexicans himself. ?This incident was caught by the media and released in the newspapers causing a scandal for the police department. ?Unable to turn a blind eye, the department goes after two veteran officers that are nearing their retirement. ?Once having a key witness in Exley and making Vincennes turn and his fellow officers, the department was able to save face in the community by blaming and firing two officers. ?This would also serve as examples of what not to do for the future of the department. ?
Another scene is when Exley and White confront each other at the station while Exley was looking into the shooting at the Night Owl. ?Even though White disliked Exley for being a snitch in order to advance his career and for having sex with a woman White was seeing, he collaborated with Exley to go after Captain Dudley. ?Dudley being one of the persons that looked after White and condoned his methods of police investigations, was now seen as the enemy by both White and Exley. ???

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