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Please respond directly to the classmate discussion post below in 100 words minimum.

The post is talking about the movie, ?LA Confidential?

?In this film, the interrogation tactics overall of the police department, which are unethical, seem to be the norm. All of the officers, at one point or another, seem to partake in some sort of interrogation tactic which is unethical. Whether an officer is yelling, punching, threatening or even bribing a suspect during questioning, these unethical tactics would make any person feel as if they had to confess to a crime even though they may have not have committed one. One example that comes to mind is when White and Exsley question the district attorney on what Dudley knows about the corruptions within the department. This questioning comes in a ?Good Cop, Bad Cop? sort of fashion. At first, Exsley does his normal questioning however, White steps in after not getting any answers. White resorts to physically throwing the DA against the mirror, shoving his head in the toilet, and then nearly throwing him off the building before the DA confesses to the corruption within the department. The DA reluctantly provides all they need to know, more than likely after feeling he is going to be killed for not providing any answers. Exsley, being the commanding officer in the room, allows this abusive interrogation to take place, with what seems to be little to no remorse. ?

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