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The post is talking about the movie, ?LA Confidential?

The excessive violence depicted throughout the film substantiates the concept of certain forms of police corruption being the norm, rather than the exception. One of the opening scenes introduces us to Officer Bud White as he observes a parole violator assaulting his wife at home. Bud then confronts the man on his front lawn and beats him into submission before handcuffing him to the railing on the porch, leaving him there for responding uniformed officers to collect later. This occurs out in the open, seemingly without regard for the fact that it is in plain view of any curious neighbor, indicating no need for such concern. If the scenario wasn?t generally accepted as normal, there would likely have been an effort to hide it.

Later in the film a command level officer, Captain Dudley Smith, calls into question an up-and-coming officer?s intestinal fortitude for a sought-after detective assignment. When the officer admits that he would not be willing to beat a confession out of a guilty suspect, or to shoot a ?hardened criminal? in the back, Captain Smith advises the officer to seek out assignments where he won?t face such choices. This entire exchange is indicative of an accepted culture of eye-for-an-eye type excessive force, which is further supported in a later scene in which the entire detective bureau rushes to mete out revenge on arrestees suspected of previously assaulting two officers.

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