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Please respond directly to the classmate discussion post below in 100 words minimum.

The topic is about how important Field Training Officers (FTO) are to law enforcement.

It is imperative to have the right people in your FTO Program. ?FTO?s are amongst the most influential people a recruit can encounter in the beginning of their careers. ?Most recruits are excited to be police officers and want to learn as much as they can so they can go out on their own. ?If the FTO is disgruntled, that attitude can easily be transferred to the recruit. ?The recruits will pick up everything from policy and procedures to bad habits and bias. ?Most recruits feel the FTO?s must know what they are talking about, or why else would they be able to train them.?
Some FTO?s are worried about being liked so they are concerned about being the recruit?s friend rather than their mentor. ?They try to teach them the easy way to do things and the short cuts thinking the recruits will be grateful.
At the end of the day, when the recruit gets in trouble for doing something he is not supposed to do because that is the way he was taught, it is the recruit who will get in trouble. ?This, along with the bad attitude the recruit may have picked up, will cause him to have a low morale. ?Since most recruits tend to hang around each other, that low morale can easily spread causing dissension among rank and file. ? ?
It will be a supervisor?s job to correct the recruit and instill the discipline when warranted. This will ultimately have long term consequences since the recruit would have made his reputation and the cycle would be passed on as other recruits are infected by the FTO.??

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